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Best places in Kazakhstan Almaty

Natural sightseeings close to Almaty, most popular and visited touristic places and directions.
The most popular Almaty lake situated in Kungey Alatau
Enigmatic, magic, but very Jung lake in Kazakhstan (112 years only)
Natural monument constructed from sediment aged million years
Huge sand dune in the middle of steppe, located in Altyn-Emel National park
Scenic plateau with Alpine grassland and the observatory in the mountains of Zailisky Alatau
Amazing waterfall with unusual forms situated in the picturesque place
Lake close to Almaty in the canyon of the same name
Petroglyphic pictures on the Ili's bank (Buddha is central of them)
Aktau Mountains
Paleontological memorial of nature - chalky mountains with Martian landscapes (Altyn-Emel National park)
Bear Waterfall
The most accessible and haunted waterfall in Turgen (height 29 m)
Tuzkol Lake
Salt lake with beautiful view on Khan-Tengri peak (7000 m)
Big Almaty Lake
Lovely Lake above Almaty (altitude 2510m, distance from Almaty - 30 km)
More than 3000 antique petroglyphs of Bronze epoch
Bartogai Reservoir
Artificial lake in the floodplain of Shelek river between Toraigyr and Sogetty mountains
Canyon Bestamak
Less visited, but nonetheless very beautiful "younger brother" of Castles' valley (Charyn Canyon)
Wooden lake
Lake surrounded by relict wood Turngi and snd dunes fed by Charyn River
Katutau Mountains
Frozen lava mountains resulting from a volcanic eruption (Altyn-Emel National Park)
Kapchagay Reservoir
Due to size, often called Kapchagay Sea: lenght about 180km, width 30km.
Burhan Bulak
The highest waterfall in Kazakhstan (height 168m)
Boguty Mountains
Red colored mountains are the most eastern part of Zailiysky Alatau

Kazakhstan attractions in Almaty

What to see in the city, attractions and sightseeings, most beautiful and popular places of the South Capital
The highest skating rink in the world was built in 1949. The leader in the number of world records set in speed skating. It is a monument of urban planning and architecture.
One of the favorite places for outdoor activities of Almaty residents and guests of the southern capital. The ski complex near the city is located at an altitude of 2260-3200m. The main advantage of the resort is the skiing season, which lasts from November to mid-May.
Park on the mountain from which you can see the panorama of the city. Not far from the park is the tallest building of the Almaty TV Tower with the same name Kok-Tobe
Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen
The most popular recreation park in Almaty. It was founded in 1872. In the park there are significant buildings for the city: the Ascension Cathedral, the House of Officers, the Museum of Folk Musical Instruments, the Memorial of Glory.
Green Bazaar
One of the oldest markets in Almaty, trading rows have existed since 1868. The bazaar is a kind of museum of the Kazakh culture of trade.
Park named after First president
The main attraction of the park is an arboretum with an area of 53 hectares. The collection of the park includes oaks, Tien Shan firs, tall poplars, elms, chestnuts and hawthorns. You can also find roses and carpet flowers with which ornaments are drawn.
Almaty Zoo, founded in 1937, is one of the oldest zoos in Kazakhstan. The zoo's collection includes 2,781 animals of 310 species, of which almost 30 are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan.
Central museum
One of the oldest and largest museums not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the entire Central Asian region. The stock collection of the museum has about 300 thousand exhibits.
Best of Day Tours
Golden Trio in one day
Excursion to the Charyn canyon Kolsay lake and Kaindy - 16 hours
Assy Plateau & Issyk Lake
Excursion to Issyk Lake, waterfall, Assy observatory - 12 hours
Charyn Canyon
Excursion to the Charyn Canyon and Lake Bartogay - 10 hours
Best of Multi-Day Tours
3-days tour - three national parks Altyn-Emel, Charyn and Kolsai
Pearl of Tian-Shan
2-days tour - Kolsay and Kaiyndy Lakes, Charyn canyon
5-days tour - Altyn Emel, Charyn Canyon, Kolsay Lakes, Ile Alatau
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Kazakhstan nature & attractions

There are many things to see in Kazakhstan. Actually this is one of the biggest countries in the world and each individual will find something interesting during a visit to this part of the earth. Kazakhstan nature is amazing, and all people will be delighted at the first sight of it, because there is a perfect balance of mountains, lakes, fields, canyons and forests. Actually, Kazakhstan places for rest are so varied, that one trip can include visits to at least three different types of landscape simultaneously (mountains are close to rivers etc.) and this makes Kazakhstan tourism places very different.

The most popular tourist attractions in Kazakhstan

Of course, there are a lot of especially unique locations. Architecture and food are magnificent in this country, but nature is rich in places to see in Kazakhstan and each tourist will be astonished by purity, wildness, and beauty. The best things to do in Kazakhstan during a visit are focused on traveling. It is important to go to:

  • The Kolsay lakes;
  • Khan Tengri mountain;
  • Lake Kaindy;
  • Charyn Canyon;
  • Merke Sanctuary;
  • Dead Lake;
  • Ustyurt Plateau;
  • Turang Grove;
  • Lake Markakol.
Except for the above-mentioned options many old churches and towns are always open to guests. Some of them are very atmospheric and can reflect the whole history of the culture of the local people. Kazakhstan attractions are mostly hidden in nature. These are clean areas with a soft and warm climate of the East, however there are also some zones with cold winters and hot summers.

Kazakhstan what to see question is very easy to answer, because right from the arrival a very kind society around and beautiful architecture will give to an individual a spirit and inspiration that will help to understand whether it is preferable to see industrial progress in cities or nature far from civilization.

Ways to see Kazakhstan tourist places

Many fascinating locations are concentrated in Almaty region, but despite the fact that all the beauty is relatively close tourists still need to have a plan how to travel, because some sights can be placed tens of kilometers from each other, and it will be difficult to organise a good scheme of touring without guides and transport. Professional guides will be able to provide important information related to local traditions, the best time to visit Kazakhstan, exciting routes for traveling in order to get super popular landmarks.

Kazakhstan tourist attractions also include resorts, restaurants, zoos, museums and all this can be visited in a short period of time if experienced specialists play a role of a guide. Almaty is a developed city and its infrastructure allows moving quickly inside, however all landmarks outside the city require use of personal auto otherwise each journey will take at least one day. In other words, places to visit in Kazakhstan can be explored significantly faster when a guide helps with a journey. Such a way to enjoy Kazakhstan sightseeing is always more efficient, less time-consuming, and much easier.
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